James Bond Races Into Rocket League Tomorrow

James Bond Races Into Rocket League Tomorrow - picture of the valhalla in game

James Bond races into Rocket League tomorrow with the return of the Aston Martin Valhalla.

A uniquely British institution returns to Rocket League tomorrow as 007’s Aston Martin Valhalla hits the online automotive arena title. Psyonix just announced that this slick looking new addition to their gear headed sports title is set to hit the Item Shop across all platforms for a cost of 1100 in game credits.

The new Aston Martin will be the very first hybrid car in Rocket League, featuring 007’s Aston Martin Valhalla Engine Audio, 007’s Aston Martin Valhalla Wheels, and a Reel Life Decal specific to Valhalla. The Valhalla, Bond’s latest ride isn’t the only themed addition to Rocket League. Alongside this release, players will be able to pick up the new Bond 007 Collection for 2000 credits. This drops both the Aston Martin DB5 and 007’s Aston Martin Valhalla into players’ collections.

Like any major event, you can also expect new in game challenges tomorrow. These will allow any participating players to grab 007’s Aston Martin DB5 Player Banner, Agent 007 Avatar Border, and the 00 Agent Player Title, if they are skilled enough.

The new additions to this mix of soccer simulations driven by gravity defying vehicles crashes onto the pitch on 7 October and will park up on all platforms. If you’re a Bond fan then this is the time to get all stirred up and check out the official website for more details now.

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