Japanese Otome Adventure 7’Scarlet Is Out Today


The PS Vita may be clocking into retirement but this is far from the end for the Otome visual novel. Many of the platform’s best are making their way to us PC gamers and now Intragames has released 7’Scarlet on Steam.

Set in a remote town of Okunezato, 7’Scarlet takes players on an adventure full of suspense, love, and mystery as they investigate the disappearance of their brother. After the unusual disappearance of her brother, the protagonist, Ichiko, and her childhood friend, Hino, make their way to Okunezato. Shaped like a crescent moon, the town plays hosts to a number of unusual events and characters. Along the way, the girls can rely on some help from a group called the Forbidden Okunezato Club. This band of otaku geniuses, chefs, students, and strangers can each change the course of the game. As the players begin to reveal the secrets behind the town’s Legend of the Dead, the bonds they form with other characters can influence the narrative path 7’Scarlet takes.

Already an award-winning game, 7’Scarlet was originally released in Japan by Idea Factory and Toybox, the former bringing us games like Neptunia and Death End Re: Quest. It mixes classic Otome adventure mechanics, puzzles, original Japanese voice cast, and the sort of visuals that are consistent across Intragame’s lineup. You can check out those visuals in the release trailer below and if you are intrigued, 7’Scralet is out now on Steam. It includes a 10% discount until 12 April 2019 and you can find out more about 7’Scarlet on the official Intragames website.

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