Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Free Content Update

Jedi: Fallen order free update

The 5th may reign supreme right now but Jedi: Fallen Order has a bunch of new content for free.

Available right now, fans who picked up their lightsaber and jumped into Jedi: Fallen Order can grab a bunch of new updates for the force wielding adventure right now. Publisher EA announced the update in a blog post over on the official website for Fallen Order. The new update includes a range of cosmetic and functional updates to the base game that impact both BD-1 and protagonist Cal.

Lightsabers and New Challenges

Players swinging Cal’s saber will now find a variety of extra enhancements for Cal’s primary weapon. Included in the new additions is a red kyber crystal, giving Cal’s lightsabre a red glow. Of course, there are story reasons for this but we won’t go into them here. Two new lightsaber sets also drop into game, the Protection and Defense I & II. These extra sets might even look familiar as they match the ones you’d find in Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Resort.

These lightsabre additions are part of the games new New Journey + mode. NJ+ allows gamers who have already beaten the base game to replay Cal’s journey with access to a range of new meditation modes while carrying over some of the progress earned from previous playthroughs. While players may keep their lightsaber parts and other collectables, they will have to relearn abilities. This allows true masters to try out the new Combat Challenges and the Battle Grid. Combat challenges pit Cal against waves of enemies across multiple planetary backdrops from across the galaxy while the battle Grid is a customizable sandbox where players can set up their own scenarios. Players can pick a location, set the size of the engagement, and drop in a range of adversaries to take out in record time.

Finally, EA has confirmed that the new update includes a range of accessibility options that include the ability to skip quick time scenes, removing the requirement to hold the climb button, button hold can be changed to button presses, and text scaling options. We’ve barely skimmed the surface of this update and you can find out all the information over on the official Fallen Order blog, or just grab your weapon and check out the new Jedi: Fallen Order free update.


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