Jeff Kaplan Shares Some Overwatch 2 Details


Overwatch 2, a new chapter for Blizzard’s highly-praised team-based shooter Overwatch, has been revealed announced during BlizzCon 2019 mostly to be met with confusion. As the developers didn’t share many details, players were left to wonder about many aspects of the game: will it share OW client or have its own? What about development cycles for both games? What difference will there be between OW and OW2? Finally, is it PvE only or will it feature some PvP?

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has taken to Overwatch forums to share some details about the upcoming game:

It’s both. For PvE we add a full story arc told through story missions (even though it’s a linear story I am reluctant to all it a campaign because it’s co-op, not single player). We’ll also have Hero Missions (which are highly replayable PvE backed by a progression system). The closest analogy (although neither is quite accurate) is Adventure mode in Diablo III or World Quests in WoW (again, not a great analogy but indicative of the level of replay we’re hoping for).

For PvP we’re adding a completely new pool of PvP maps including a new game mode called Push.

For both modes, new heroes will be added.

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