Jetpack Deathmatch With A Free Exocorps Beta Key Giveaway

exocorps beta key

Exocorps, the sci-fi shooter from indie studio Gingerbred might be a little delayed but that means you can try Exocorps for free by grabbing a beta key for this awesome looking new adventure.

Set in a fictional future, mankind might have taken to the stars but it’s a long drawn out and dangerous process. Instead of sending cannon fodder first, space-based pioneers are blowing away their enemies in remote Exo suits. These Exocorps are the basis for an adrenaline-fuelled shooter that looks like an absolute blast. Before Gingerbread launches Exocorps into Early Access on PC, you can grab a beta key right below and try to become king of the moon at the end of a loaded smart gun.

Kicking off on 24 September 2020 and running until 28 September, this beta test will give gamers a chance to experience fast-paced combat that mixes the dogfights of high-speed aircraft with the classic gameplay of shooters like Counter-Strike. You’ll have an opportunity to take to some of the incredible maps that await, dominating lush forests or barren moon craters with a range of weapons from smart missiles to rail guns.

To secure a spot on the front lines of the future, all you need to do is head below and enter your email address into our giveaway widget. Once you’ve got a key you can head over to Steam and redeem the product key by following the usual instructions.

While you wait for the beta to start, you can check out more about Exocrops and the weapons you’ll wield over at our interview with Gingerbred, or head over to the official Exocorps website to find out why we’re so excited to shoot for the stars, and your mech. Mostly your mech.

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