John Wick Creator Is Making A My Friend Pedro TV Series

My Friend Pedro TV

My Friend Pedro, the side on shooter that is full of bullets, bananas, and violence, is getting an R-rated TV series.

Helmed by Derek Kolstad, the writer of the gun totting action film John Wick, this brand new series somehow just got greenlit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kolstand will serve as an executive producer on the series, bringing Devolver Digital’s anarchic and utterly off the wall aerobatic action to the small screen. The adaptation will involve, among others, fellow John Wick producer David Leitch, Devolver Digital Co-Founder Mike Wilson, and Howard Bliss of DJ2 Entertainment, the team who were just signed up to help bring the Disco Elysium game to television. While we don’t know the final release window for this, the actors involved, or the eventual home of the series when this half hourly format blows a hole in TV screens, it is likely to stand out.

My Friend Pedro launched in 2019 on and has since cut a swathe of destruction across PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 since it arrived. It chronicles the journey of one man’s battle against a criminal underworld, all while under the direction of a seemingly sentient talking banana. After waking up in a butcher’s basement with no real memory of what’s going on, players direct this nameless protagonist through a series of levels that mixes side scrolling shooters, bullet time action, and some incredible acrobatics.

While the Witcher TV adaptation really opened the door for many more TV shows to start making their way onto TV and cable services, My Friend Pedro is unlikely to look like anything you’ve ever seen before and if the outrageous approach game publisher Devolver Digital take to their own press conferences is any hint, you probably will end up locking up your bananas.

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