Jump Force Gets New Trailer And My Hero Academia Character

It looks like today is full of news for fans of Bandai Namco’s upcoming brawler, Jump Force. Today we found out one of our big highlights of E3 includes Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia and Jump Force even has a new story trailer.

Confirmed in Japanese publications, and now on Bandai Namco’s official twitter, Izuku Midoriya is instantly recognizable in his usual uniform and is an addition we were all hoping to see.

However, that is not all. Anybody that has ever taken a moment and thought they could do a better job than Horikoshi or Kubo might be in for a treat today too. Players getting ready to enter Jump Force are in luck as the Shonen battle brawler has unveiled a new trailer, including a look at the game’s character creator.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jump Force, it was one of the team highlights of E3, when publisher Bandai Namco dropped an explosive trailer fuelled by the combined ultimate Shonen battle lists of our youth. Like one giant OVA, Jump Force draws the characters from some of anime and manga’s finest series into the real world for a battle of the ages. Players entering the Jump Force can fight alongside iconic characters that include Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki, Luffy, and a steadily expanding roster drawn from almost every major Shonen Jump title.

Beginning in Umbras Base, a hub for the Jump Force, this latest trailer is a brief glimpse at the game’s story and focuses on the player avatar. It details the threat of the Onyx book to all realities and the role of the Jump Force in preventing a total cataclysm. We also get a quick glimpse of the character creation screen where players can pick and choose from a range of styles that span most of the game’s inspirational stories. At least ten specific sub-menus are seen, with all the usual hair, face clothing, and gender options available. The battle options screen also provides some flexibility in fighting style. If you’ve ever wanted your tank to fight for truth justice and love then you can customize them accordingly.

Jump Force is due out February 15, 2019 and lands on PlayStation 4 and PC. For more details, check out the official Jump Force website.

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