Just the Facts, Ma’am – Police Simulator Launches on June 17

Police Simulator

Aesir Interactive and Astragon Entertainment have announced that Police Simulator – Patrol Officers is heading for a June 17th early access release date. Players will be able to take part in this first iteration of the game exclusively through Steam by purchasing it for $24.99. Early access offers players the chance to be instrumental in the game’s future development by working with developers and offering suggestions for how the game should progress.

Early access for the sim includes:

  • 8 different playable characters to choose from, both male and female
  • patrol the fictional city of Brighton in the North Point neighborhood
  • collection of shift points and duty stars to gain access to four other neighborhoods
  • collect tasks and equipment
  • patrolling on foot and working up to a patrol car by looking for parking offenders, speeders, and suspicious persons

After the early access launch, players can expect regular updates and additional game depth “through the addition of new districts, tasks, equipment, and vehicles as well as cooperative multiplayer”.

Check out the Police Simulator – Patrol Officers Steam page to learn more.

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