Kakao Games Will Bring MOBA Battle Royale Hybrid Eternal Return To The Masses This Month

Kakao Games, the outfit behind titles like Elyon, has just picked up the publishing rights to an undeniably unique mix of MOBA and Battle Royale concepts called Eternal Return.

Anime aesthetics, battle royale arenas, and MOBA mechanics only just dropped into  Microsoft Store for PC as a Game Preview title, but Nimble Neuron’s Eternal Return is getting a much bigger push when Kakao games begins publishing the fledgling MOBA turned battle royale brawler. Developer Nimble Neuron and Kakao Games have just confirmed that this isn’t the only title that is likely to come out of the partnership with a long term deal, but Kakao will start to roll out support for this new adventure on 28 October across NA, EU, and Oceanic regions.

Says CEO of Kakao Games Europe B.V. Min Kim, “We warmly welcome Nimble Neuron to our family, and are delighted to work and collaborate with their talented team moving forward. We feel Eternal Return is a unique title, with much potential, and are pleased to take these first steps with Nimble Neuron in support of their game.”

This sort of move is not unusual normal for Kakao Games, having published Paerl Abyss’ Black Desert in the past. Eternal Return is an entirely different prospect to an MMORPG. Set on the deserted Lumia Island, the seedy organization known as AGLAIA is conducting secret experiments on human subjects in a bid to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans. Scour the island for materials to craft armor and weapons and be the last one standing in this thrilling, challenging multiplayer online survival arena. With 31 playable characters, 3 PvP Modes, 18 Player Matches, already, there is a ton of content for a game that won’t cost you a cent. In addition, the launch of Eternal Return as a preview, adds a ton of in game perks for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Alternatively, you can grab it for free over on Steam Early Access. If you want to get a feel for Eternal return, check out the trailer for this free-to-play adventure and try it out before launch on the Microsoft Store and Steam.

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