Keem Players Ready For Warzone Wednesday Once Again

warzone wednesday

Warzone Wednesday is back on Twitch, and it’s about to blow up your Wed.. Monday Night!

The hugely popular mid-week Warzone brawl is hosted by Keempark and is back two nights early as pros take on the amateurs in Warzone. If you’ve never heard of Warzone Wednesday then it’s still early days. Despite clocking up as many as 100,000, concurrent viewers on game streaming site Twitch TV, the entire event is still just getting started. In Warzone Wednesday, a group of amateur esports fans get their chance to take on pros and celebrities in a shootout to the finish.

Last Week

Last week, JoshOG, HusKerrs, and Diegosaurs won a combined $20K prize pool courtesy of HyperX Gaming, while newcomers like Grammy-Nominated Steve Aoki couldn’t quite topple the trio’s momentum. This week the competition continues with the Utah Jazz’ Rudy Gobert joining the fray to play alongside the London Royal Ravens’ Skrapz and Global DJ Nicky Romero. Not only that but viewers will get to see how Ninja fares when he sits in for one of the teams.

With a mix of fast-paced action, world record shoutcasting, and a wildcard amateur team, Warzone Wednesdays look set to explode in popularity. If you want to be one of the teams involved then you can apply
as follows:

How Can Anyone Compete?

  • Applications open now
  • You can apply to play by:
  • Visiting
  • Click the Warzone Wednesday Apply Banner
  • Fill in the form
  • Hit Submit
  • Three spots will be available each week, and the selected three players will be placed on the same team.
  • Applications will close Tuesday at 12 pm EST every week

If you simply want to kick back and watch the carnage ensue then head over to Keempark’s Twitch Channel at 4 PM ET to catch the action


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