Kerbal Space Program Reaches Shared Horizons Update

Kerbal Space Program Shared Horizons

Kerbal Space Program the physics program that launched so many failed flights is about to get a new update, titled “Shared Horizons”.

The latest update to the Kerbal’s adventures is due to hit PC on July 1 and will add even more real world input to the Kerbal Space Program. In conjunction with the European Space Agency, the new addition will add a bunch of new content celebrating the ESA’s own escapades in space. The Ariane 5 rocket, ESA themed space suits for each of the Kerbals, and a range of new parts are just some of the things that players can get their hands on.

New Missions

Alongside these new explosive additions, the Kerbals can also carry out new science experiments and take on ESA themed missions for the betterment of Kerbal kind. BepiColombo, the first mission, will allow players to recreate the joint expedition of the same name to Mercury. The second mission, Rosetta, will have players gathering important data about comets.

While space exploration might be a costly business for organisations like the European Space Agency, Kerbal’s mission control gets all this content for free. Once PC Players have blasted off to Mercury, console players will have the same free update later in the year. If you haven’t already tried Kerbals Space Program and tackled the disastrous complexities inherent in getting your own rocket off the ground then this update is a perfect time to hop aboard and try not to blow up. Developed by Squad and published by Private Division this physics sim pushes players up into the stratosphere as they build and run their own space race, usually with explosive consequences. If you fancy shooting some little green astronauts up into space, you can find out more about the hilariously addictive physics adventure’s Shared Horizon update over on the official Kerbal Space Program website now, or just grab it on Steam while it is 75% off.


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