KFC Open For Business In Animal Crossing With No Queues In Sight

kfc animal crossing

If you’ve been craving your own fix of the Colonel’s best of late then this probably going to help. KFC has opened a brand new store and it can be found in Animal Crossing.

That’s right, in a brand swap over that seems miles more on point than a certain green shower gel, the purveyor of spicy chicken products has set up a brand new popup location in Animal Crossing. The wildly popular life sim now boasts a brand new restaurant thanks to both KFC Philippines and advertisement agency Ogilvy. The PR stunt hasn’t just dropped in a few items here and there or provided a quick drive through for consumers eager to get red and white. Nope, there’s a fully-fledged restaurant that must have taken a serious amount of time to put together.

Alongside the famous bucket meals, diners can sit in and enjoy the booths, cutlery, and even grab a drink with the whole affair. Players who manage to visit the island will get the chance to interact with the Colonel’s Avatar and pick up a code for some real life chicken too. Unfortunately, this offer isn’t available outside the Philippines. We’ve not tried firing up the VPN quite yet to check out if we can head over to a virtual KFC.

This isn’t the first time that KFC has gone all in on gaming crossovers. The franchise’s social media handles are especially well known for gaming meme, punnery, and the odd cross over so. We even reviewed their fully branded KFC dating sim that landed last year. More recently, the KFC Gaming twitter recently revealed the future of gaming on their own terms. It is probably a joke, probably. Until the chicken emporium opens up an island near you, keep an eye on all things Animal Crossing here at Gamespace.


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