Kill la Kill IF Demo available now on PlayStation 4

Kill la Kill IF

Arc System Works is giving fans of Kill la Kill IF the chance to get hands-on with the upcoming anime action game. Today, a brand new demo is available on the PlayStation Store and it looks like everything we imagined.

For anybody who is not used to the cut and thrust of the more otaku scene, Kill la Kill is an anime coming out of Studio Trigger. The animation house is singularly responsible for some f the most genre-bending and successful anime series t hit the airwaves in the last few years and Kill la Kill is no exception. Kill la Kill IF follows the footsteps of a rebellious schoolgirl named Ryuko Matoi as she searches for her fathers killer. Rather than a gritty thriller or detective story, it throws in a vampiric school uniform, a maniacal school council and magical girl battles that are far from the norm. It mixes farce, incredible timing, and over the top action scenes that know just how ridiculous they are.

Fashionably Furious Fighting

Arc System Works announced Kill la Kill IF earlier in 2019. Now we are about to get the first glimpse of this console interpretation of the anime encounters. Taking a beat from other Arc System Works titles, Kill la Kill IF mixes a story arc with some incredible combat from the anime series, pitting players against characters they will recognize. We already know that the snippet of the full game will include protagonist Ryuko Matoi, antagonist Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori, and Uzu Sanageyama.

Clocking in at 8GB, the demo is a pretty sizeable download but will feature the game’s first story chapter and includes a versus mode for anybody who wants to get to grips with the controls. If you aren’t lucky enough to have Sony’s platform to hand or can’t stomach the sizable download then keep your eyes on Gamespace for our thoughts once we’ve had a hands-on with the demo. Switch Owners will have to wait a little. UK publisher PQube Games has confirmed that a demo will be on the European eShop as of 22 July.July. Until then, you can check out more about the game and try the demo at the official PlayStation store page.

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