Killer in the Cabin Stalks Its Way to Release

Killer in the Cabin EA release

Games People Play has announced that Killer in the Cabin has officially reached the end of its successful early access period of development and is now in full retail release for PC via Steam.  Players can purchase the “hyper-social deduction and survival game” for a sweet $4.99.

The game centers around survivors of a bus crash in the remote and desolate Norwegian mountains. To survive, players must work cooperatively and communicate with one another to gather supplies, find shelter, and share food. However, it turns out that one of the survivors is a killer and it’s up to players to both survive vicious attacks, but also to determine who among them is the killer.

In each match, one killer is chosen who must eliminate every other party member while avoiding detection. If allocated as the killer, use the sandbox environment to get creative as you terminate your fellow survivors. When the party begins to suspect who the killer is, they can vote and kill the elected suspect, whether they are guilty of the crimes or not. With 15-minute long game sessions and multiplayer play with up to 8 players, the game puts players’ communication, deception, and truth-telling skills to the ultimate test.

To learn more about Killer in the Cabin, head to the game’s Steam page.

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