Killing Floor 2: Perilous Plunder Update Trailer

Tripwire Interactive shared a new trailer for the latest update for co-op shooter Killing Floor 2. Called Perilous Plunder, it is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC via Steam, adding new cosmetics, weapons and summer-themed enemies.

Perilous Plunder brings a new map, Desolation. In this new map, players can look forward to exploring the surprises and multiple levels of the facility across Killing Floor 2’s popular game modes. Also arriving on shore are returning summer zeds and brand-new Matriarch seasonal summer variants. Players can face these stylish summer fiends with two new weapons: the HRG Kaboomstick for the Demolitionist and the HRG Telauncher for the Berserker.

Killing Floor 2: Perilous Plunder update highlights include:

  • New Map: Desolation – Supports survival, endless, weekly, and V.S. game modes. Contains optional mini-games.
  • Weapons: 2 New HRG Weapons: HRG Kaboomstick (Demolitionist) & HRG Telauncher (Berserker)
  • Cosmetics: New Space Pirate Themed Cosmetics added to Summer Sideshow Seasonal Ticket Drops including hats, masks, arm bands, backpacks, helmets, and more. Returning Vault skins. Space Pirate Outfit – available for purchase (male or female) with five additional texture variants, including hat and mask accessories
  • Enemies: Brand new Matriarch summer variations, returning summer zeds

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