Killing Floor: Double Feature Comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR 21 May

Killing Floor: Double Feature

Sometimes you just need to get up close and personal with a bad day. Now Playstation and PlayStation VR owners will be able to do just that, as the Killing Floor: Double Feature experience comes to the PlayStation platform 21 May.

Developed by Tripwire Interactive, the same studio that brought us the Rising Storm franchise, Killing Floor is a brutally beautiful survival game. Players who jump into this first-person survival shooter join an unlikely troop of civilians, soldiers and mercenaries as wave after wave of Zed wash over the screen. As Zeds fill the screen, survivors can pick from a number of classes to take into combat. A ton of perks, weapons, and character customization allow you and your friends to gear towards a particular playstyle when pushing back the infestation. With support for up to 6 players in survival mode, 12 players in versus survival, and a ton of new content Killing Floor: Double Feature is sure to keep the hordes happy for some time.

Now, the PlayStation Killing Floor: Double Feature experience takes the best of the Killing Floor and ports it onto Sony’s long-standing console. The twin pack of horror highlights includes Killing Floor 2 and Killing Floor: Incursion. Killing Floor 2 is the latest and bloodiest iteration of Tripwires title. PlayStation owners will get the base Killing Floor 2 game, all the content updates since the launch of Killing Floor 2, and the Mrs. Foster playable character.

PlayStation VR owners will also be able to jump into a very personal encounter with Killing Floor. Killing Floor Incursion. Players jumping in play as a Horzine Security Forces trainee hooked up to a neuro-active simulation. A trek through the aftermath of the initial Horzine outbreak challenges players to scrap through using guns, blades, and even the detached limbs of fallen enemies Killing Floor: Incursion looks like a great companion to the Killing Floor franchise and a change for anybody currently busy with Doom VFR.

Killing Floor: Double Feature is due out 21 May on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. You can find out more on the official website and check out the Double Feature trailer below.

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