Killsquad – Hardcore ARPG Coming to Steam Early Access

Killsquad - Hardcore ARPG in Steam Early Access

Killsquad is a hardcore action RPG done by hardcore action RPG fans, and it promises a lot of fun times for players as they scour the galaxy in chaos and make raids for whatever bounties are left.

Venture forth solo or bring up to 3 friends with you, choose your heroes, weapons, gear and unleash hell on a fast-paced battle through hordes of monsters and deadly bosses.

The game is coming to Steam Early Access on July 16th and will be there for approximately 6 months. Killsquad supports both keyboard and gamepad controls.

“We have reached a point where the game is fully playable, and we want to involve the community to make it better, from balancing to game design choices. Early access allows us to engage directly with the community and thus make the best possible game together.”

Players can look forward to 12 contracts across 3 planets, 4 heroes, 40 weapons, about 30 enemies and more. Check out the Steam page to learn more.

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