Killzone: Mercenary Servers Shut Down

killzone:mercenary servers shut down

Many of you may have forgotten about Killzone:Mercenary and I guess Sony thought so too when they unexpectedly shut down the Vita exclusive servers of Killzone:Mercenary.

Killzone:Mercenary, for those who never grabbed Sony’s underappreciated handheld console, is a PSVita only instalment in the Killzone Franchise. Developed by Guerilla Cambridge, who also worked on the PSVR title Rigs and LittleBigPlanet, Killzone: Mercenary wasn’t just one of the few remaining online titles for the PSVita but stod as one of the platform’s best first-party experiences. Now, it seems that with no warning over the weekend, Sony has pulled support for the games online servers.

What This Means

In the short term, players who continued to dive into Mercenary will have to make do with what little elements of Killzone: Mercenary is still available in single player mode, and that isn’t much. This news also means owners of both the game and the PSVita will find themselves staring at an error screen when trying to matchmake for any of the game’s multiplayer modes. The team at Destructoid actually still had a PSVita to check it out.

This change of support form Sony continues to leave PSVita in something of a death spiral as a platform. First launched in 2011, Sony stopped production of this on the go entry in the Playstation family during 2019. Largely, support for the Vita was waining long before this and what began as a potentially revolutionary piece of hardware has been reduced to a remote play device and a system for visual novels. Still, if you really want to grab some mobile action from the Killzone franchise, Sony still seem to be happy to sell you a copy of Killzone: Mercenary as of right now. Head over to the PlayStation Store and decide if this multi player server error is for you, or maybe have a hunt for some of the few more recent Vita ports still available.


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