Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Fan Created Interactive Map

Get lost no more...

For fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, this may come as a huge help to you.  A fan over on the Kingdom Come: Deliverance subreddit has painstakenly created an interactive map for everyone to use from their browser.  It doesn’t appear to have any icons except the names of the towns.  So don’t expect spoilers on where to find everything.  I found this to be an awesome feature, not having anything on the map, forcing you to create it yourself.  This allows you to utilize the map without really spoiling anything.  It works like any zoomable map for a game created by fans.  You can zoom in, click on a specific spot and add a marker to the map.  This is saved in your browser data so unless you clear your history, it will be there when you return.

To a fan of the game like me, this can be an invaluable tool. I often find places I can’t access because I am too low in lockpicking or have too much loot or whatever the case may be, and sometimes have a hard time finding it again.  This allows me to look at my map in game, then go to the browser and make a marker exactly where I am and go back to it at any time!

If you think is concept is cool, head over to his reddit post here and tell him what you think!  You can view the map here.  Get out there and fill out your map!


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