Kingdom Come Deliverance Team Takes Us On a Visual Tour of the World

Kingdom Come Deliverance is ready to deliver some photo-realistic scenery. To show off the incredible realism, Warhorse Studios has released a new trailer.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

The game is an open-world RPG and the video shows what a wonderful world it is to see. Viewers see quaint villages, stunning landscapes and strong castles as well as some of the enemies they will encounter. In addition, the glorious panorama is accompanied by a gorgeous soundtrack.

Truly, this is a video that should not be missed.

During the game, players become an integral part of events in and around the Holy Roman Empire. Life has changed in a terrible raid and players set off for revenge.

You can learn much more about the game on its official site. In addition, keep your eyes peeled during E3. It seems the team may have a big announcement to share! We’ll be sure to keep you posted as well.


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