Kingdom Hearts 3 Sells Over 5 Million Units Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sells Over 5 Million Units Worldwide

Square Enix proudly announced that the latest entry in the beloved RPG series, Kingdom Hearts 3, has already shipped over 5 million units worldwide, physically and digitally, across all platforms. It makes the game the fastest selling title in the history of the series.

The shipment and digital sales numbers for the long-awaited installment in the blockbuster franchise have been matched with critical adoration. Media across the world are lauding KINGDOM HEARTS III for its breathtaking visuals and widespread appeal to newcomers and series veterans alike, with Bleacher Report praising that the adventure is “accessible for even the most casual of gamers” and “a sheer thrill to take in,” and CNET raving that KINGDOM HEARTS III is “the best looking Kingdom Hearts game.”

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There’s nothing quite like Kingdom Hearts. It’s like the most elaborate fan fiction of the Disney universe – a digital walkthrough of the movies with a loosely connective narrative tissue that just doesn’t matter much when all is said and done. If you embrace that it’s all nonsense to serve you up a delightful nostalgic romp through some of the greatest and most beloved family films, you’re not going to be disappointed.

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