Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming in “Next Three Years or So”

Fans hoping to see Kingdom Hearts 3 and / or Final Fantasy 7 Remake will want to temper their hopes. According to a slide shown to Square Enix investors, both will arrive “within the next three years or so”.

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy 7 Remake

During the financial meeting, CEO Yosuke Matsuda specifically said, “This slide shows our release lineup for Fiscal 2017 as well as for Fiscal 2018 and beyond. We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 - 1

Based on the quote and the image above, fans of the two games need to adjust their hope. Interpreting Matsuda’s words mean that the pair may not show up until sometime in 2020. It’s possible that could go out even further due to the “or so” part.

KH3 was announced at E3 2013, while FF7 Remake was announced at E3 2015.

According to information so far, we know that the games will be released on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Luckily we have Kingdom Hearts HD Remix and its six games to keep us busy until then.

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