Kingdom Majestic bundle is coming July 9

Team Microids has announced a new release date for the Kingdom Majestic compilation. Get ready to defend your throne and crown on July 9th on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch! Originally planned for June release, the Kingdom Majestic bundle includes Kingdom New Lands and its follow-up Kingdom Two Crowns with all content released for both titles since their original launches, including Dead Lands update.

In Kingdom, you are a monarch set to grow your kingdom while protecting your loyal subjects and crown. The game features innovative gameplay based on 3 buttons and stunning pixel art. During the day, you’ll travel the land atop your mount to recruit troops, order the construction of new buildings, and fetch your precious gold. At night, hordes of Greedlings will attack from both sides of your kingdom to break down your walls and steal your crown.

The Kingdom Majestic bundle will be available in two editions: Standard and Limited.

The Limited Edition will be available in Europe and will include:

  • The games
  • A 3D lenticular
  • A sleeve
  • 4 scenery artworks representing a map when combined
  • The games’ original soundtracks
  • A double-sided cover

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