Kingdom: New Lands launches on Switch September 14th

Kingdom: New Lands Random Steam Game Giveaway

Today Raw Fury sent word that Kingdom: New Lands, the award winning smash hit indie from Noio is coming to the Switch in just two weeks. On top of THAT news, Kingdom: Two Crowns is also coming along well, and the team gave several updates at the latest blog post.

From the news post:

Kingdom: New Lands is coming to Switch! And it’s arriving in two weeks! The bestselling, award-winning title created by Noio is making its way to a Nintendo platform for the first time and we’re over the blood moon about introducing a new audience to a world filled with gold coins, a horse that needs more exercise, and a bunch of greedy little creatures who want your crown. For more info, take a look at the eShop on Switch today!

Kingdom: New Lands

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