Kingdom Under Fire 2 is F2P on Steam this weekend

Kingdom Under Fire 2

This is a great weekend for free games on Steam. First, Dying Light is free to play through Sunday. Now Gameforge and Blueside have announced that Kingdom Under Fire 2 is free to play from today through February 24th. In addition, KUF2 is on sale for a sweet 50% off through February 26th.

Players who take part in the hybrid MMO-RTS game through the weekend will be able to experience all of the current content that includes the recent Grave of Time update. Grave of Time is the game’s third major update and includes a new raid, new missions, new equipment, new mounts, awesome new items and much more. The update also includes balance tweaks and adjustments and a number of bug fixes.

Check out the Kingdom Under Fire 2 Steam page to learn more. Also, be sure to check our recent coverage of KUF2 right here at Gamespace!

About Kingdom Under Fire 2

It’s an MMO

Gain levels, earn experience: Choose one of five unique heroes, master thrilling missions as you unravel an unforgettable story, craft epic gear and train up a powerful army.

It’s an RTS

Master tactics, win victories: Your elite units stand behind you like a wall of steel, baying for the blood of your enemies. Take direct control of a colossal war machine and dominate Bersia’s battlefields in epic encounters!

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