Kingdom Under Fire 2 Is Out Now

kingdom under fire 2 trailer

Kingdom Under Fire 2, the long-awaited MMORPG/RTS hybrid from developer Blueside and publisher Gameforge is out now.

Grab your gear and feel the heat of battle or sit back and make a cold calculating decision. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an MMO / RTS hybrid title that allows players to engage in battles of an epic scale or to get up close and personal in the tranches. The brand new title from publisher Gameforge has just launched on PC and is something of a coup for the German team. Taking ten years to develop and clocking in as the most expensive Korean MMO in history, this title looks set to win the throne war on many fronts.

Featuring all the usual MMORPG systems, Kingdom Under Fire 2 follows a heroic commander on a deeply personal narrative as part of the Azilia Knights. Fighting as a mercenary, players are caught up in a struggle between three factions. As the Forces of Light, Dark, Encablossians. As these forces fight for control of the land of Beseria, you will level up your own skills, collect troops, and head out into the battlefield for glory and survival.

Kingdom Under Fire allows players who step out into the wider world to switch between first-person mode and an RTS tactical overlay without breaking combat, creating an engaging and dynamic action experience. Up to 80 types of troops will fight by your side, with more planned for post-launch. You’ll be able to upgrade, train, and equip your army for battle as you lead them through a range of solo, 4 player, and end game instances.

There’s a ton more content, progression, and crafting all bundled into a huge online world and Gameforge has already dropped hints about new troops, raid instances, and guild systems that we can expect to see in the future from Kingdom Under Fire 2. If you’re not sure yet, take a look at our hands on preview where we took the Gunslinger, one of 5 available classes, for a ride.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is out now on PC. Head over to the official website for more information now.

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