Kingdom Under Fire 2 – Scourged Mountains, The First 16-Player Raid

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Kingdom Under Fire 2, an MMO-RTS hybrid that launched a few weeks ago, is receiving its first major update introducing Scourged Mountain, the first 16-player raid, that will test the mettle of the heroes of Bersia.

The update also includes a Christmas event, new troops, goblins, gold and general improvements for the game:

  • Raid: Scourged Mountains
    Got a merry band of 16 fearless mountain warriors? Then this new raid will be right up your pass! Complete a main quest and a repeatable weekly in the Scourged Mountains. The mission is fiendishly difficult, but the rewards are infernally good, including a hero level equipment item, new hero troops and more.
  • Mission: Treasure Goblin Nest
    Are you more of a solo adventurer with little time on your hands? Then this level-24 diversion will be five minutes well spent. Once per day you can test your hand at the challenge of the Treasure Goblin Nest.
    Be quick and find three real goblins in among all the fakes within five minutes – and knock them senseless! Cool rewards beckon, including Gold, Visionstones and Enchantment Stones!
  • Event: Christmas
    Visit Mary, Boris or Mr Christmas on Accolade Square. Each of them has exciting tasks for you, and offers Christmas costumes, mounts and troops in reward.
    There’s also a Christmas quest line comprising eight linked quests, a repeatable daily quest plus a main quest reward.
  • Cubic Shop: New Troops
    We’ve added three new Hero Troop Conscription Papers to the Cubic Shop – each costing a meagre 15,000 Cubic. Head on over to the shop and see for yourself what the special Bomber Wings, Flame Archers and Heavy Infantry bring to the table.

The developers have also offered players a compensation gift for the recent server performance problems.

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