King’s Bounty 2 – Hotfix №3 Is Now Live on PC

King's Bounty 2 - Hotfix №3 Is Now Live on PC

The developers from 1C Entertainment have taken to the Steam page of turn-based RPG King’s Bounty 2 to reveal that the latest hotfix №3 is now available on PC with PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions currently being in progress. In this update, the team focused on further improving the game’s overall stability and fixing the most common issues that could block progression.

Check out the full patch notes to see the entire list of changes or check out gameplay and quest fixes below!

Gameplay and balance changes

  • Added a new kind of interaction with NPC when the main character rode a horse.
  • Corrected and improved the additional turn — now unit can get an additional turn if users choose the defensive tactic.
  • Corrected and improved the skill Taunt — from now on, the ability is applied to a specific target, which the player or AI must choose himself (for one turn). The unit targeted by the Taunt receives a debuff and users (or AI) lose control over this unit. This unit will attack the one who imposed this debuff on it.
  • Enemy hero (captain) moved to a free hex in the arena during the quest The Missing Treasurers.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility of blocking Taunt by using Resilience talent.
  • Fixed an issue where a dragon could attack an allied squad standing on a hex with a defeated enemy squad.


  • The battle and the ending of the quest In the Void have been fixed and improved.
  • Added a new cutscene at the end of the quest Exceeding Expectations.
  • Remedius moves from the Old Tower after completing the quest Through the Quarantine (the Anarchy path).
  • Added a special reward-scroll for completing the quest Village Healer.
  • Added a special target for the Uncover the Order of Mages’ secrets sub-quest during the main quest Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts.
  • Added the treasury chest title during the quest The Missing Treasurers.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect calculation of Ideal points in the quest Finding Lindsey (path of Finesse).
  • Fixed an issue with a missing The Scryer’s Trials battle if users choose the Finesse path during Julian and Rosaline’s quest and enter the portal.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of Norman’s doubles during the quest Finding Lindsey.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility of completing the quest Village Healer.
  • Fixed an issue with closing the gate and blocking the path of Anarchy during the quest Aranox’s Shadow.
  • Fixed an issue with the horse and riding near the light bridge during the quest Haven of the Enlightened Ones.
  • Improved camera during the quest Haven of the Enlightened Ones.
  • Fixed an issue with the portal of Berengarius during the quest Cold Bones.
  • Removed the mark from Serebros when users are collecting flowers and preparing for the ritual during the quest The Reckless.
  • Quest Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts: from now on, the cutscene starts only at the entrance to the courtyard of the Dupont estate.
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility of receiving the seal of Erasmus when Belinda appears during the quest The Ritual.


King’s Bounty II is the long-awaited sequel to the legendary King’s Bounty video games franchise, one of the most iconic representatives of the turn-based RPG genre. Expanding on this legacy with an entirely new epic story, fractions, enemies, and new features to forge an open and breaking fantasy world Antara. With the kingdoms in disarray, counties demanding independence, bandits prowl the roads, all the overseas nations have denied the King’s authority over them, and blighted creatures lie in wait for the unwary, new accidental heroes emerge as a last hope.

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