King’s Bounty 2 – New Hotfix Is Now Live

King's Bounty 2 - Hotfix №2 Is Now Live 2

The developers from 1C Entertainment and publisher Prime Matter have revealed that Hotfix №2 is now available for turn-based RPG King’s Bounty 2. Additionally, the developers shared their plans for future updates to the game.

King’s Bounty 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the legendary King’s Bounty video games franchise, one of the most iconic representatives of the turn-based RPG genre. Expanding on this legacy with an entirely new epic story, fractions, enemies, and new features to forge an open and breaking fantasy world Antara. With the kingdoms in disarray, counties demanding independence, bandits prowl the roads, all the overseas nations have denied the King’s authority over them, and blighted creatures lie in wait for the unwary, new accidental heroes emerge as a last hope.

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“The second hotfix for King’s Bounty II is live on PC and Xbox One (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in progress). In this update, we focused on further improving the game’s overall stability and fixing the most common issues that could block progression.”

Gameplay and balance changes

  • Added setting to speed up the course of the battle.
  • New rewards system for Aivar — less mana, more other resources, and items.
  • Added a special display of the duration of the effect on a unit in the unit’s info window.
  • The descriptions of the starting talents of all three main characters have been changed.
  • The first items for all three main characters in prison have been changed.
  • Fixed an issue with the inability to wait for a unit that used the Hit and Run ability in the last turn.
  • Fixed an issue with the inability to use the spell Deadeye if users have Firehand Golem in the army.
  • Fixed an issue with an insufficient number of notifications when the dragon uses the FireWall ability.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect display of the possibility of a shot at the enemy.
  • Fixed an issue with a drop in the Red Dragon’s health level if the main character uses items that reduce units’ health.
  • Fixed an issue with resurrecting a friendly unit during enemy hero controlling.
  • Fixed an issue for the possibility of shooting over some obstacles in the shore’s area near Windy Port.
  • Fixed an issue for the chance of shooting over some obstacles in the arena on the descent near Windy Port.
  • Fixed an issue with the damage dealt by the Backstab ability (Assassins) to some units.
  • The learned spell automatically lowers its level to the level that the hero can use If there is a lack of any characteristics of the hero or the necessary talent for using this spell.
  • Users can find the Resurrection Scrolls at the quarantine outpost on the road and near the Magefactory.
  • Increased deployment area in the arena of the Old Outpost.
  • Fixed an issue when enemy heroes (captains) could not use the entire book of spells during battle.
  • The bonus of the Advantage Talent was reduced (10/25/40 < 10/20/30).
  • The characteristics of level 5 units are reduced by 15%.


  • Fixed an issue with quest Village Healer — users can start collecting lilies in the swamps even before taking the quest Trappers/The Thousand Year Oak.
  • Fixed an issue with collecting two Oak Seed during the quest The Ritual.
  • Fixed an issue with the disappearing Power path during quest Marcellan Aqueduct after the conversation with Garret.
  • Quest Exceeding Expectations — the possibility of taking the quest is now more noticeable for users.
  • Added a label for the quest Collect Sequestor’s seal.
  • Fixed an issue with not disabled magician traders at the quarantine outpost at the Magefactory, if the user entered the Magefactory by choosing the ideal of Anarchy.


  • Increased and improved the readability of the text and overall Journal’s interface.
  • Added an option in the settings to turn off the highlighting of interactive objects.
  • Item sorting in inventory was replaced by an item filter.
  • Fixed an issue when the enemy hero (captain) has no mana, but his mana level shows.
  • Added additional loading screens.
  • Fixed an issue with highlighting hexes after a flying unit has already used his turn.
  • Fixed an issue with the delay of tips on the screen of the hero’s Army and the recruiter.
  • Fixed an issue with the delayed opening of the book of magic.
  • Fixed an issue when the user can’t close the training notification after trying to mount the horse.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect position of texts and icons when clicking on the quest tracking button.
  • Added a special window about exit to the main menu.
  • Fixed text size in the notification about the loss of progress during loading the save.
  • Fixed multiple text-related issues.

Graphics, audio and general stability across platforms

  • The faces of some NPCs have been changed in cutscenes.
  • Improved overall quality of background objects during dialogs with NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with missing mount’s call sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with losing the installed DLC during loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the mount disappear during a dialogue or cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue with the synchronization of voiceovers and subtitles in a number of dialogues with NPCs.
  • Improved overall NPCs animations during dialogs.
  • Improved VFX crystals in the quest In The Void.
  • Improved the textures of the Armor of the Hollow set.
  • Improved quality of some types of animals.
  • Fixed an issue that changed the slope of the hero after some dialogues with NPCs.
  • Improved overall lighting in different locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the landscape of the arena with Nesevre.
  • Fixed an issue with the physics of Katarina’s cloak on starting screen.
  • Fixed an issue when the camera focusing inside the hero’s head after completing the final cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue with the short-term flickering of the hero when mounting a horse.
  • Removed music from Cedric’s Den and Lair.
  • Fixed an issue with the player being unable to obtain pre-order items.


  • Added the ability to track the quest in the Journal by double-clicking with the left mouse button.
  • Added a special setting to turn off the backlight through the Razer Chroma Controller.
  • Default FOV and mouse sensitivity changed.
  • Fixed an issue with miss clicking the ability icon in battle.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of tips on different screens (New game, Army, recruiter, start and the end of the battle)
  • Added option to buy units by double-clicking the left mouse button.
  • Added tooltips when hovering over the Defense and Waiting icons.
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