King’s Bounty 2 Is Postponed to March 2021

The descendant of 1990’s King’s Bounty and the sequel to 2008’s King’s Bounty: The Legend, King’s Bounty 2 was expected to release in 2020. However, 1C Entertainment has shared a new CGI trailer meant for Gamescom 2020 that features the new release date for the title. King’s Bounty 2 will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

Check out the official site to find out more.

Told through the lens of a highly cinematic experience, King’s Bounty II puts choice in players’ hands rather than their mouths. Instead of hinging on simple dialogue choices, it is the players’ actions that hold the true weight. As players explore the realm, their stories change as they align themselves with different Ideals: Strength, Art, Order, and Anarchy.

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