Knights Chronicle Gets New Hero Update

knights chronicle update

Knights Chronicle, the mobile RPG from Netmarble has a bunch of new updates available. Get new heroes, a new awakening, and loads of new loot in the latest update.

Today, adventurers in Netmarbles mobile RPG, Knights Chronicle, should find that there is a whole lot more to do. Originally launched earlier in the year on Android and iOS mobile devices, this RPG takes the player on a fantastical journey through time and space. It features console-quality anime graphics, over 160 heroes, and an epic questline this title is indicative of the leaps that RPGs have made on mobiles.

New Heros

Now Knights Chronicle is getting some extra additions to the roster. As of right now, Eurora and Baskerville are both available. Baskerville is available to players via the guild shop! To summon Eurora, players will need to get their hands dirty and get into some dungeons. Starting now through August 28, ‘Erandel’ Advent Dungeon will be available for players to enjoy in an attempt to acquire an ‘Advent Event Ticket,’ which can be used to summon Eurora.

It’s not just new heroes that the latest update to Knights Chronicle has in store. Some of the current crop of heroes are getting new awakenings. This includes a new Awakening of fan-favorite Support Hero Karen, allowing her to acquire new passive skills. Karen is a Water Support Hero whose pre-awakening abilities include a leader skill that buffs Water/Light allies’ HP recovery Amount by 20%, and a passive that grants 10% healing over time to the lowest HP ally.

In addition to these, you’ll also find a bunch of updates to the Guild Shop as well as tweaks to the auto repeat function on dungeons. If you haven’t tried Knights Chronicle’s mix of turn-based mobile RPG and gorgeous Japanese animation then you can find it over on the Apple App Store and Google Play store now.

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