Koei Tecmo Details Toukiden 2 Online Features

Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo America has sent out the first details about the online features coming in Toukiden 2. Four slayers can party up to take on monsters in fast-paced action as well as working cooperatively on missions.

Toukiden 2 Command Hub

You’ll find the multiplayer command hub when you get hold of Portal Stones. It is here that players will team up to defeat Oni throughout the Ages.

In addition, as slayers move through the online world, they will find one another. Join Operations allow players to cooperatively work together to complete missions. Helping others offers players a great way to score rewards as well as giving an opportunity to trade gear with other slayers.

If you prefer offline play, you won’t be left out either. You can work on Joint Operations with “doppelgangers”, the ghost data from friends that act as human companions.

You will be able to find new Oni scattered around the world that is inspired by western mythology and folklore.

Lastly, you can pre-order the game from a variety of retail locations. When the game launches. You will receive a number of in-game items including costume armor and special bonuses.

Learn about all of this and more on the official site.

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