Kokoro Clover Season 1 Brings Adorable Sunday Morning Cartoons To Switch and PC Today

Magical girls, giant mechs, And Sunday morning Tokyo TV arrive on PC today as Phoenixx launch Kokoro Clover today.

Making a superhero entrance on Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, Kokoro Clover is a homage to everything Saturday morning, but not in the way you might remember it. While plenty of us elder millennials might remember the heady days of He-man and developer Hikoteru are bringing a slightly more Japanese influence o this colorful new platformer. Inspired by memories of Sunday morning in front otf the TV battling giant mecha warriors and transforming school girls, this gorgeous pixel art adventure introduces players to a young spirit summoner itching to go on adventures. After stumbling upon a mysterious Kokoro Clover, she unlocks the ability to use magic and transform into elemental spirits.

What unfolds is an upbeat retro platformer full of wonderful backdrops and 12 exciting chapters. With the help of friendly spirits like Dee the water spirit, Sal the fire dragon spirit, and more, she can use these powers to change appearance or transform into strong inspirited versions of herself with her spirit friends’ attributes to defeat hordes or evil doers that want the Kokoro Clover for themselves. This new release brings together two previously released Japanese language chapters into one package, all localized in English and on Nintendo Switch for the first time. Take in the whole story of Kokoro Clover in Story Mode, or just skip straight to the action in Adventure Mode. Use coins collected during the adventure to unlock new power-ups, cards, dances, and new characters, and tackle Boss Rush and Mini-Game Modes!

To check out what’s in store, turn on to the trailer above and have a look at Steam Store page and Nintendo eShop.

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