Kotodama Diary Has A Worldwide Release

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Kotodama Diary, the cute pet growing game from Ske6 just got a global release, suitable for English speaking audiences.

Published across iOS and Android devices, by Kyoto based Polaris-x Inc, Kotodama Diary is a unique indie pocket pet game that certainly isn’t Talking Tom or Pokemon. Originally launched back in May 2019, the unique style of this on the go game grows pets by having players feed words to the characters o screen. By adding words to these Kotodummies, your on-screen companions will grow in a range of unique ways. Depending on the words they are feed, these pets might turn out cool, cute, or as something else entirely. Players can choose as many combinations of different words as they like to build the best bestiary they can.

There’s more to Kotodama Diary than just collecting too. Owners will need to touch or swipe on hearts to collect them, revealing new rods to feed each Kotodummie. As a collection grows and evolves, players will be able to acquire a range of accessories for their new spritely companions. Anybody interested in sprucing up the digital home for their Kotodummies can also collect coins which you can use to buy furniture, which should help with overall in-game progress.

While this isn’t exactly a massive mobile MMORPG, there’s clearly a demand for Kotodama Diary. The team kicked off an English localization and did more than run it through a translation. The English language version of Kotodama Diary includes a range of cultural references and puns, and that’s where they had me sold. So, if you like pet collection games, kawaii animals, and puns then you can pick up Kotodama Diary for free over on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store right now or find out more over on the official Kotodama Diary website now.

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