Krafton Peeks into PUBG: New State Gameplay

The PUBG: New State team is offering eager fans a peek at gameplay and locations from the forthcoming title. Krafton developers kicked off a series of insight videos for the game with an in-depth look at Troi, an 8×8 world “designed to ensure players have as much fun as possible when dropping into the map”.

During the video tour, players will be offered a sneak peek at four key points of interest, each with its unique visuals and environmental features that can impact gameplay in a number of ways.

  • Exhibition Hall – From the air, it looks like a giant bullseye, something that should give players pause to consider. Players can land in the flat center to start looting or aim to land on top to pick off those on the ground. Players can also head underground for a stealthier way to the goodies.
  • Mall – With numerous shops to “lock down”, players have multiple ways to take down enemies. With directional escalators and an open roof, there are numerous ways to bring down enemies.
  • Laboratory – This location features four levels of “intense enclosures” designed for close-quarters combat and the ability to flank or sneak around enemies.
  • Trailer Park – This location has been repurposed into makeshift bunkers. Players will need to vault, sneak, and climb to be victorious.

PUBG: New State is prepping for a mobile launch on iOS and Android devices sometime in 2021. There is an Alpha Test planned for June 11-13th for those who pre-register. Learn more about the game by visiting its official site.

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