Kung Fu Jesus Brings Neon Wrath Next Year

Kung Fu Jesus is more well known as a TV Trope than a video game so you might not be expecting what’s about to arrive as Celestial Gold Studios announce their new title and drop a trailer to boot.

Kung Fu Jesus is the brainchild of  Glaswegian musician Craig “Kung Fu Jesus” Snape, who has enjoyed critical acclaim and BBC airplay for music created under the same moniker, before designing, coding and scoring this title as a one-man project. It’s hard to describe exactly what Snape was going for when he designed Kung Fu Jesus, but I’ll try. Just announced, this action-packed neon-lit action game takes players on a whirlwind tour of gods and men, all set against a madcap world of organized crime, alternate dimensions, and intense martial arts. Players take on the role of the Kung Fu Jesus, a badass protagonist, more a martial arts master than a miracle worker, and takes players yup against a range of opponents. It challenges players to “seek the truth and free yourself” while throwing a range of Kung Fu battles and treks across alien landscapes at gamers.

Borrowing from a mix of established tropes, this title seems to mix RPG elements with beat ’em up mechanics. The trailer reveals a mix of 2.5D landscapes and 3D boss battles that players appear to scroll through, stopping to take on anything from an average grunt to a massive weapon-wielding bear. We don’t have a huge amount more detail on the specifics of the game, the release window, or the platform format. We do know that it will be hitting PC as the official Steam Store page is already live. If you loved games like Mortal Kombat but are ready for something that will stretch your mind a bit more then please check out the trailer for this unique experience and prepare for something very different.

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