Langrisser I & II is Coming March 2020

Langrisserr I & II, the iconic SRPG, is about to make a leap into the modern age when it comes to Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC during 2020.

Releasing first to North America on 10 March 2020, the classic adventure will arrive in Europe on 13 March. It will finally hit Australia and New Zealand shores on 20 March. Brought back to life and published by NIS, this RPG takes players on a solo adventure in the land of Baldea as dark forces descend upon the land. As Prince Ledin, players are expected to pick up their sword and fight for the future of the Dalsis Empire in a captivating story. This is followed by Langrisser II. The follow up originally hit shelves 3 years after the original and continued the concept established in the first game. In this story, the protagonist Elwin is trapped between two warring factions as conflict descends on the land once more. This time it is up to players to fight for the people of the realm, taking a new view of war.

High Definition Return

Both these games might be memorable to owners of the Sega Genesis system. The series was unique in its time for blending strategic combat with Role Playing elements. It was brought to life by Masaya Games in Japan and while the series managed five titles in the main franchise, with Langrisser Millennium in 1999 that we’re not really counting, it went largely silent until hitting mobile recently.

The long-awaited return of this series comes with updated HD visuals, art, music, and presentation. While the basic concept is the same, gameplay looks like it’s been tweaked to make it play better with a more modern feel and the localization has been completely reworked. No more early 90s shoestring voice acting. Instead, there is a gorgeous adventure that will be available for the first time to many players.

Langrisser I & II lands as a double pack on Pc and console. PC players can check out the game over at the Langrisser I & II Steam Store page while console players can pick up the Limited Edition Set at the NIS Store. This includes a complete soundtrack, a Songs of War, a copy of the game, art cards, and an art book from the game. Check out the trailer above to see exactly how far this classic SRPG has come.


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