Laser League Now Live

Laser League

For those looking for the next competitive arcade-style multiplayer experience, it was announced Thursday that Laser League is now live for PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. From indie publisher 505 Games and developer Roll7 comes the action sport of the future. The game offers a great mix of either online or local multiplayer action and is a throwback to the hectic multiplayer games of old.

Mashing together the best bits of games like Rocket League and arena brawlers, Laser League throws players into a box where the goal is twofold, survive the enemy laser fields while pushing them into your own. Players will be equipped with special offensive and defensive abilities and will force players to play both aggressively and strategically. The game features a plethora of features including:

  • 6 specialized classes to choose from
  • 16 maps
  • A host of power-ups that change the flow of gameplay in an instant
  • Over 250 character customizations
  • 12 modifier effects for further class customization

The steam version of Laser League will come with 7 additional maps, 2 additional stadiums, two extra power-ups. As part of the announcement 505 Games is also launching the games first DLC called NewMotion Brand which will include two new player models, eight new kits some fun emojis, new laser patterns and character portraits. Be sure to check out the trailer or head over to Steam to pick up the title at 40% off until May 16th.

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