Last Epoch Has a New Trailer and Beta Date

Last Epoch

It takes a special kind of magic to make a classic APRG game and developer Eleventh Hour Games are about to show us all if they have the right ingredients on hand. On April 30, Last Epoch kicks off its first full beta test on PC and there’s a shiny new trailer too.

Last Epoch first burst into public consciousness during the game’s Kickstarter campaign when it raised over $250,000. Now, after around two years of development, the team behind this ARPG are about to bring a new twist to the traditional top-down hack and slash. Set in a world called Eterra, Last Epoch drops players into an environment full of myth, magic, and dungeons to explore. Nothing new there, but rather than rely on procedural systems to mix things up, Last Epoch forges a new horizon. As the game’s protagonists head towards adventure, players will find themselves moving through time and space. In Last Epoch, players can visit the four eras of Etera:

  • The Ancient Era, a world untouched by man, primal and wild.
  • The Divine Era, an age of glory and strife where the gods have come to blows.
  • The Imperial Era, where the dead haunt the living, unwavering in their desire to unite humanity under the Immortal Empire.
  • The Ruined Era, where hope has been quelled under an infinite tide of Void

Each of these eras brings their own challenge and rewards, with countless areas to explore and a whole new set of narrative branches that spiral out from your actions. If Last Epoch’s temporal tinkering is a bit much to get your head around right now then the beta test has a ton of linear character options. Randomized loot drops, a huge variety of playstyles, and a total of fifteen different classes make for a ton of versatility.

Anybody who played the latest test stages will notice new story chapters, improvements to the UI, a bunch of minor tweaks, as well as a couple of big changes. Two new mastery classes join the latest beta stage as well as Last Epoch’s own endgame, the Monolith of Fate. There is no doubt that Last Epoch is ambitious and if you have a thirst for vengeance that will burn throughout the ages, this might be the ARPG for you. Check you the new trailer below, check out the steam page, or find out more about Last Epoch on the official website.

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