Last Epoch Will Get Multiplayer in 2021

The developers from Eleventh Hour Games have announced that action RPG Last Epoch will receive multiplayer in patch 0.9 coming in 2021. The team’s core goal is to make sure the world of Eterra feels alive. You will be able to encounter other players from your server in hub zones like the End of Time, Heoborea, and the Bazaar, and form parties, check out gear, show off your loot, chat and make new friends.

Players will be able to form parties that consist of up to 4 people. The difficulty of your team’s enemies will be scaled accordingly.

“A cooperative party will be more formidable, but a disorganized party may struggle more than a solo player. Teaming up will also provide more build options if you want to play a supporting character. You can create builds that aid your allies with buffs and healing spells, taunt and stun enemies on the front lines, or create builds that devastate the opposition with high damage abilities while your team protects you. While having a supporting role character is not necessary, we know it’s an enjoyable experience for some players. Teaming up with other players will not be required to overcome any challenges in Eterra, but we aim to make co-op a fun and attractive experience.”

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