Last Oasis Comes Into Early Access on October 10

Donkey Crew has moved the Steam Early Access date for the upcoming multiplayer RPG Last Oasis from September 3rd to October 10th.

“Taking all the feedback from our incredible beta testers into account as well as our own observations, we’ve decided to slightly adjust the release date to improve everyone’s experience right after the game’s launch.

One of our main goals is to make sure everyone can experience a stable, performant and fun experience at release. So we wanted to polish the game a bit more, tweak the balance, improve some optimization, and in general make the launch as perfect as it can be. We’ve also been working hard to ensure the game supports as many languages as possible at launch.

A huge thank you to all of our community for helping us so far and being so understanding and supportive. We hope that with the game released there will be even more awesome and dedicated people who actively share their opinions and feedback, helping us improve and shape the game. We’ve been following your feedback since the very beginning of the beta and it’s been an incredible help, so please keep it coming!”

Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO. Earth has stopped rotating, and the last human survivors need to outrun the scorching sun in a massive Open World. Join the nomads on their wind-powered walking machines with designs inspired by Theo Jansen’s amazing strandbeests.

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