Last Oasis Gets Woodpunk Powered Exoskeleton Armour

Donkey Crew is about to mech a bit of a racket as they come stomping into Gamescom 2020 and reveal a brand new Exoskeleton update to Last Oasis.

Players who revelled in the idea of building massive wood powered machines and huge walking contraptions are about to get another new surprise as this survival sim suits up with a new tool for nomads. Revealed today, the Exoskeleton is a very different type of enhancement to the human-sized spider walkers that gamers might start out with.

Instead of scuttling along the desert plains, this new edition provides players with the option to augment their limbs with more weapons. In particular, the Exoskeleton provides a platform for nomads to add on and carry two ranged weapons in battle. This potentially game-changing tool is teased a little further in a brand new trailer for the Exoskeleton update, showing exactly how it will look on the plains. Gamers who are interested in trying out the new update won’t have to wait long. The Last Oasis Exoskeleton update is due to arrive in-game next week.

A New World

For those of you that haven’t waded into the sands of Last Oasis quite yet, Last Oasis is a survival sandbox set thousands of years in the future. After a cataclysm, the world has stopped turning and the environment is an unrelenting set of extremes. Caught between frozen deserts and acrid wastelands, a slither of habitable land remains and it is up to you to find an Oasis in this dwindling world. Filled with odd contraptions, other players, and even the odd sandworm, Last Oasis drew in a huge audience when it launched earlier this year

If you want to find out more about Last Oasis or get to know your weapon a bit better, head over to Reddit to catch up on Donkey Crew’s Ask Me Anything or keep a close eye on the Indie Arena Booth at this year’s Gamescom Digital. You’ll be able to interact with the Indie Booth Arena over at Gamescom Digital to find out a bit more about Last Oasis now.

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