Last Oasis Introduces The Volcanyon Map

Last Oasis

Developer Donkey Crew rolled out another update for Survival MMO Last Oasis, introducing a new map Volcanyon. It incorporates bits and pieces from the Canyon and the latest Volcanic map, while also having some unique areas that have a special feeling and provide new gameplay opportunities.

For those of you that haven’t waded into the sands of Last Oasis quite yet, Last Oasis is a survival sandbox set thousands of years in the future. After a cataclysm, the world has stopped turning and the environment is an unrelenting set of extremes. Caught between frozen deserts and acrid wastelands, a slither of habitable land remains and it is up to you to find an Oasis in this dwindling world. Filled with odd contraptions, other players, and even the odd sandworm, Last Oasis drew in a huge audience when it launched earlier this year.

Players can traverse this unforgiving world on walkers: wooden, wind-powered machines inspired by Theo Jansen’s amazing strandbeests. Walkers are mobile bases that can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat. Personalize your walker to fit your needs with a multitude of structures, attachments, and upgrades!

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