Last Oasis Lands On Xbox Games Store

Last Oasis, the nomadic survival adventure that gets sand everywhere, has landed on the Xbox Games Store and is available to play today.

Following on from an appearance as part of the ID@Xbox’s debut Indie Showcase, developer Donkey Crew has released sandbox survival Last Oasis on Microsoft’s Xbox Games Store, via the Xbox Game Preview program priced at $29.99 or whatever regional equivalent that will set you back. Set thousands of years in the future, this unique experience has players jumping into the shoes of a nomadic traveller, constantly on the run to stay out of the scorching rays of the sun, after cataclysmic event stopped the Earth’s rotation. As a result, the only vestiges of humanity left alive are those that stick to a constantly shifting strip of land settled between the unrelenting heat of the sun, and the frozen landscape facing the rest of the solar system.


We were seriously impressed when we got an early glimpse of Last Oasis back before it hit Early Access on Steam. Now, Last Oasis has managed to merge any of the best aspects of survival sims without demanding an unreasonable level of dedication to get started. The new announcement bring s many of those features to the latest Xbox release, including the following:

  • Crossplay Realms: Last Oasis players can enjoy the game across all platforms, together with full cross-platform play support across Xbox and Steam PC versions
  •  Revamped User Interface: Complete UI overhaul, accommodating both Mouse & Keyboard and Gamepad Input.
  • Gamepad Controls: Available for both Xbox and PC players, the input scheme has been designed to bring competitive level controls to all players, no matter the input method.
  • Xbox Only Realms: Players on Xbox have the ability to engage in official Crossplay Realms or Xbox Only Realms.
  • All New Realm Browser: The latest Season comes with the addition of an all new approach to Realms in Last Oasis. Smaller realms, faster pacing and the ability to have multiple characters (1 in each realm).
Season 3

Owners of Last Oasis across all platforms will also get access to Season 3 today. While the headline attraction for this nomadic quest are the huge woodpunk walkers, Season 3 will take to the skies and introduce some gargantuan earthbound threats. Check out some of the new Season 3 features.

  • Sky Walkers — Powered by an intricate flapping wing machinery, flying Sky Walkers allow players to harness the wind to take the wooden machines to new heights. With a realistic flying model and all the possibilities of the iconic Walkers, they bring the Nomadic experience to a whole new level.
  • New Map – Kali Spires oasis features a whole city in the sky available for exploration. Reachable by Nomads only on flying Sky Walkers, it offers unimaginable treasures, but poses a significant threat to anyone who dares venture forth. New enemies to fight, settlements to raid, resources to harvest, and much more.
  • Giant Worm – Experience the giant worms for the first time in Last Oasis. Dubbed “The Long Ones”, these roaming creatures are the biggest threats nomads will face. The worms are ravenous. Once the beast focuses on a walker, it loses sight of everything else. In order to defeat the worm, experienced nomadic hunters must band together.
  • Asteroids – As the moon continues to crumble, more asteroids continue to fall from the sky. Now not only in barren deserts, but in liveable oases, these giant fiery rocks hold great treasures for those who get to mine them first. Will you fight your fellow nomads for the riches of the moon?

For more information on Last Oasis you can check out the official Steam Store page for a run down on Season 3 now, or pop over to the Xbox Games Store to grab a new type or survival sim.

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