Last Oasis Players Can Grab A Full Refund

After a launch weekend that saw some serious server issues, Last Oasis developer, Donkey Crew has offered full refunds to the player base.

In a social media post that hit twitter on Sunday night, the Project Lead at Donkey Crew dropped a short video that outlined their decision to offer refunds to the player base. While the straight to camera piece is barely a minute and a half long it confirms that Last Oasis has been overwhelmed by the stress of its launch into Early Access this weekend as players rushed to get a glimpse of this hotly anticipated new survival title and its humungous walking machines.

Crashing The Servers

As a result, players have been seeing some serious connectivity issues. Now, the team is putting Last Oasis on hold for the next 7 days. Anybody who bought the game to chill out in a dystopian future will have to wait another week before they will find out when they can get back in. Additionally, players who purchased Last Oasis, via Steam, can get a full refund regardless of the time spent in-game.

For those that didn’t catch the initial launch hype, Last Oasis first popped up on our radar over a year ago on the convention circuit and it instantly struck a chord as an online survival MMO that tried to do things right. Built on Unreal and looking pretty fabulous as a result, the addition of a constantly moving landscape and some almost alien animals made this a hugely intriguing title to keep an eye one. Top it all off with some ingenious woodpunk walking machines and Last Oasis was on to a winner.

Problematic launches with online multiplayer games are not uncommon so seeing errors and drop out while we tried to play over the weekend wasn’t unexpected but the level of the problems here was notable. While the problems have caused some consternation among gamers, the ownership of these issues has to be commended and let’s not forget that this is not a AAA studio that can throw money at the issue.

Hopefully, Donkey Crew can find a scalable solution to the issues. For now, anybody wanting a refund scan head over to the Last oasis Website for full details of check out the video above.


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