Last Oasis Plots Course For Early Access in 2020

Last Oasis has its sights set on 2020. The survival sandbox from Donkey Crew is bringing giant sand dunes and wookpunk combat to Early Access in 2020.

During Gamescom, Last Oasis launched itself at a sea of uncertain games media and we certainly got on board. Now the crew of the good ship and Dokey Crew is about to sail into more certain sands as they confirm an Early Access release for their new title. Last Oasis is now confirmed for a Q1 start via Steam Early Access. This pushes back their original date of this year.

“At launch, we want the experience to stand out from other Survival games”, said Donkey Crew’s Project Lead, Florian “chadz” Hofreither. “That means taking more time to refine the gameplay and add more content. We’ve decided to continue improving the game alongside out community into 2020 to ensure Last Oasis reaches its full potential.”

Set in the far future, Last Oasis opens in a world blighted by a cataclysm. The moon has been destroyed and the Earth’s rotation is no longer a simple fact. Instead, humanity survives between two extreme environments. One side of the planet is ravaged by unbearable heat while an icy tundra carpets the rest. Squeezed between these two polar opposites is a slither of land that borders habitable. As the Earth rotates around the sun, this tiny minutia of life moves across the surface of the planet, meaning that to survive you must keep moving.

The remnants of humanity have built a massive walking city, it is up to you to head out and scavenge for resources to keep the city going. Don’t’ think this is a simple fetch and carry operation. Last Oasis is riddled with plenty of natural predators and competing players out to get the few resources that are on offer. To facilitate this you’ll be able to build and battle with your own woodwork walkers. It’s an interesting idea that not only brings a few fresh ideas but sets out to tackle some of the stale issues that plague other survival games.

You can already find Last Oasis over on Steam, ahead of the Early Access release. While we don’t have a price as yet I do know we’re going to be keeping an eye on this one. Head over to the Steam store to get more information on Last Oasis.


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  1. So glad this has an EA date, excited by it!

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