Last Regiment Team Plans to Show Off Development Strategy

Last Regiment

Last Regiment is an upcoming game based on Legends of Callasia. The team has been pretty cagey up to now but plans to blow the lid off the fantasy-themed strategy title.

What is Last Regiment?

From what we understand, the game is based on the “best parts of Legends of Callasia” and includes cool changes to make the game a better experience for all. The team has plans to include a map editor that will allow players to make and share their own creations.

LR is still in its alpha phase but Nine Squirrels shared a bit of information about the main character:

This character is based on Olivia from Legends of Callasia. We thought she was such an awesome character there. So we have redone her, given her a new story, background, and costume. We also brought her in as the leading lady for our new game.


You can head to the official site to read a bit more from the dev blog and to get hooked up to lots of social media accounts!

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  1. Thanks for the great press! We had a great first weeks dev-blog, and will be doing one every week from here on out – come by and check it out!

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