Latest Dauntless patch allows Slayers a “do over”


Dauntless has been updated with a new patch that brings a number of player-requested features into the game. In addition, Slayers can expect to find that tons of recent bugs have been squashed as well as changes to several missions have been applied. Lastly, some nice quality of life changes have been added and a small balance pass has been deployed.

Cool stuff from the new patch includes the “Retry” option at the End of Hunt Trials screen. This means players can replay a mission from the start. If selected, players will be re-queued for matchmaking.

Slayers can also preview Behemoth loot in the airship lobby. This gives players a heads up on what could potentially drop during a successful hunt.

Everyone now has the option to remove cells at will without swapping. This means that players have the freedom to “strip the cells out of everything owned”. The caveat is to remember to put them back in before heading to Heroics!

Check out the full update notes on the official Dauntless site.

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