Latest Dauntless Update Ushers in the Dark Harvest


Phoenix Labs has a massive new update to share with Dauntless players. The 1.8.0 patch has launched and it brings with it a new Hunt Pass, updates to the Reward Cache system, the Banked XP system, new seasonal challenges and quests, new store items, and the annual Dark Harvest celebration. Sprinkle in a balance pass, quality of life improvements, performance boosts, and UI tweaks and you have the basis for a pretty sweet update.

The Power Balance Hunt Pass offers players a number of ways to earn some great in-game items by simply completing tasks on a daily basis. There is the basic version and the upgraded Hunt Pass that offers Elite track rewards as well.

  1. Slay Behemoths
  2. Complete bounties
  3. Gather daily collectibles

Other components of the patch include:

  • We’ve added a slew of items to the Reward Cache. Collect Orrery Coins to unlock the Secret Keeper armor set, Keeper weapons, and a collection of Dark Harvest goodies, new and old.
  • Dark Harvest is nigh! Collect weekly gifts hidden across Ramsgate that contain various rumors. Each week will see two more gifts added until October 21, when the actual event begins — Night will descend on Ramsgate, and with it, you will see various new quests, cosmetics, and events …
  • We’ve decided to revisit cell categories, and recategorize some of our existing cells to encourage build diversity. All five categories have been renamed, and each has been revised to align with a vision statement to guide the design. As part of this recategorization, eleven cells were reorganized to better reflect their conceptual fit in the new system. Read more on our official website.
  • Not ready to reforge your max-level weapon? Well, we have good news! We’re adding banked XP to Dauntless. This system allows you to store weapon XP at level 20 to use towards reforging in the future. Banked XP is earned at 75% the rate of normal XP. For instance, 100 regular XP translates to 75 banked XP, which then caps out once you reach the limit. Each weapon will have its own XP bank.
  • We’re updating our existing challenge system. Each week will unlock a new set of challenges, and every player will receive the same ones. Any uncompleted challenges will roll over to the following week, creating a backlog for you to tackle at any time within the season. Alongside this, a new quest will be available every week and only removed at the end of the season. Don’t miss out!
  • Unlock the Protector hammer, sword, strikers, and chain blades through new rumors. These rumors will drop from battles with Scorchstone Hellion, Heroic Koshai, Sprorestruck Charrogg, and Flameborn Gnasher on The Blazeworks.

Check out all of the details on the Dauntless official site.

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