League of Angels 3 Gets A New Hero

Helena league of angels 3

League Of Angels 3, the online title from developer Yoozoo Games, has a new hero and this flower of death is all attack.

Now Halloween celebrations are over, League of Angels 3 is set to bring a new face to players of this online adventure. Helena is the latest character to join the roster of this RPG. A Mythic ATK hero, Helena is utterly fearsome on the battlefield. More than just a pleasant facade, Helena was born into a noble family but seems far more at home in the heart of the conflict. Helena possesses unparalleled potential in magic and can decimate her foes with a variety of magical powers.

Other Additions

Helena isn’t the only new addition that is due to hit before the festive season kicks off. While Artefacts items have been a staple part of League if Engels 3 for some time, November will find a brand new Artefact Relic coming this month, allowing players the option to increase their BR quite significantly.

Another new event kicks off this month too. The Hero Promotion is set to provide players with even more power as it helps to up the attributes of characters. This event will also ignite additional talents, giving players increased variety in the way they approach encounters in this RPG title.

Finally, as we move towards the end of the year, Thanksgiving gets its own event. League of Angels 3 will kick off the thanksgiving celebrations shortly and you’ll find a wealth of in-game activity to celebrate. Alongside a variety of in-game titles and outfits, a special event launches during this period. Titled “Search for the Redeemed Turkey”, his event is as serious as it sounds and if you think that you can sniff out a turkey or two then there are sure to be plenty of themed rewards in store for participants.

This is not all that is going on in League of Angels 3 right now. To get a glimpse of everything happening in-game and try out the Resource Tycoon mode, head over to the official LOA3 website or grab the game for free right now


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